Privacy & Policy

  • Introduction
  • Personal data we collect
  • Why we collect personal data
  • With whom you personal data is shared
  • Secure of information
  • Additional Information


A privacy policy is a document that states what personal data you collect from your users, why, and how you keep it private. and its purpose is to inform users about how user data is being handled. Although you should read through the comprehensive policy for complete information, the following provides a summary of some of the most important aspects of our privacy practices: For the purpose of this privacy policy, where ever the content requires "you" and "your" means the user and we, us, our means INFODIAL.

Personal data we collect:

we use your personal information (like name, mail id, mobile number, address, localization, date of birth, account details) to provide you with appropriate services, products and information

With whom you personal data is shared:

We will share your personal data with third party in case if you want to contact with other companies through our website. we follow standard industry methods to secure your personal data. we will also share your information with advertisers if you want to communicate with the company that advertises with us. you can share all your personal information with INFODIAL for the purpose to fulfilling the services that we provided to our customers and to customize your experience we will share the complete information only with companies which are providing services to us.

Why we collect personal data:

We will use the provided user information for providing desired user requested services, to customize the content you see and to contact you regarding our services the communication is through the emails, messages, calls and also other means of communication. By collecting your data you can have the services which are provided by other companies who provides services to us. By this you can enjoy all types of services provided by us and our advertising companies.

Secure of information:

Your security is our primary goal so, we will not use your personal data for unauthorized way. “Personally-Identifiable Information” means information that alone or when in combination with other information We collect may be used to readily identify, contact, or locate you. There may be some opportunities, for example when you use this Site, where you may choose to enter your name, contact information, and other personal details. For example, if you were interested in becoming one of our clients or using our Services you could provide us with contact details through our Site.
We will secure the confidential information like credit card information and geo-location while transmission , storage the data with the use of encryption.

*Note: Encryption means we will convert the data into a code to prevent the unauthorized usage.

Where we collect personally-identifiable information you will have clear notification of what we are doing so that you can choose not to provide it.

Additional Information:

This privacy policy is applicable for the persons who intended to enquire about the product / intend to purchase any product and enquire about the services made available by INFODIAL through any of the online customer interface channels like mobile app, through website, offline interfaces like advertisements, our customer care and offices. If you were not accepting the privacy policies and conditions of INFODIAL. please do not use our products, services and data. we are advising you to changes will done on period basis so, please go through the privacy policy often. so, that you may know about the new changes in our privacy policy.

This privacy policy is not applicable for other companies or applications/products of other companies. including products or applications displayed in a search on our website we are not responsible for the damages which are not mentioned in our website privacy policy or terms and conditions.