What are some of the 15 minutes Indian breakfast ideas?

Let's Talk About Poha

I'm sure we all have our hurrying morning routines, especially if you're a parent. And as a father myself, I could write a book about the challenges of getting my son, Vihaan, ready for school. But today, we're going to talk about those fast-forward mornings when you have to make sure everyone in your house gets a nutritious yet tasty breakfast. The superhero? Poha. This simple, rich in taste, and light for your stomach dish originally hails from Maharashtra. It's incredibly versatile, foolproof, budget-friendly, and ready in no time at all.

Idli-Sambhar Is Not As Intimidating As It Sounds

My next quick Indian breakfast idea might sound a little tricky, but it's totally manageable once you get your idli batter right. Yeah, you got it, it's none other than 'Idli-Sambhar'. Speeding up the idli cooking process involves a bit of a hack: prepare the batter in advance and refrigerate it. Upon trying your lot, you'll uncover a simple recipe that can be cooked within 15 minutes with a preconditioned batter. Plus, it's Vihaan's favorite. With a little coconut chutney on the side just like his dad. Sambhar is also rich in proteins and idli being steamed, make it an utterly healthy breakfast.

Parathas Take A Healthy Turn

Let's not forget about the humble yet magnificent 'Paratha'. This North Indian delight serves as a fulfilling breakfast option that can be cooked within our 15-minute window. The idea is to stuff it with any available healthy ingredients such as spinach, paneer or potatoes. Trust me, my Labrador, Bruno, runs after me when he smells these crispy delights. Adding curd or pickle along with it enhances the taste even more.

Make the Quick Choley Bhature

Typically, the very delicious 'Choley Bhature' might not be an ideal 15-minutes breakfast. How about we try an easy-peasy workaround with masala chana and puri that can come about quite nippily? The chana (chickpeas) can be boiled in advance and then sauteed with spices. Not strictly a Bhature, the puri serves as a quick alternative. When served hot, this combo can make everyone at the table drool, just like Bruno does when he finds me snacking.

Upma: South India's Gem

How can I wrap up this list without mentioning 'Upma'? This South Indian delicacy, when cooked with assorted veggies and garnished with coriander leaves, assures a burst of flavor in your mouth while being healthy. A tip on the side for Upma enthusiasts, roast the semolina (rava) and store beforehand to cut down on the cooking time in the morning. It's almost like assembling a piece of art within 15 minutes, isn't it?

Savoury Oats: The Best of Both Worlds

Yes, you read it right. Oats are not always bland and imposingly healthy. If you jazz it up Indian style, it can rotate towards savory and appetizing. Quick to prepare, filled with healthy nutrients, and versatile with add-ins, savoury oats pampers Indian taste buds while not compromising on health. When I shared this idea with Vihaan, he was fascinated by the thought of his 'healthy porridge' turning into something spicy and savoury.

A Twist on a Classic: Veggie French Toast

Last but not least, my take on the classic 'French toast' with an Indian twist. Inspired by Bombay Sandwich I stuffed with veggies, it gives a healthy twist and is ready within 15 minutes. Also, it's Vihaan's favourite Sunday breakfast. Fun fact, it's the only dish I can persuade him to assist me with. He is the little sous chef adding various veggies and making sure that the toast is well coated with egg and vegetable mix.

Note: Every good breakfast needs a good start, 'a quick prayer' and then speeding up with preparing these dishes. Indian cuisine offers a wide variety for breakfast other than conventional cornflakes and oats. With this guide, you can easily whip up a variety of delicious Indian breakfasts in virtually no time. I hope these ideas make your hurried mornings slightly less chaotic and far more delicious. May your coffee be strong and your breakfast be tasty.

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